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Virtual Agora
Hon. Aliyu - Wednesday 31st July.jpg

PHYS-SEC AGORA Nigeria - Virtual Agora

Wednesday 31st July 2024  12.00 - 13.00 (WAT)  

Platform: MS Teams (Unrecorded / Under Chatham House Rule) 

Attendance qualifies towards CPE Credits

“The future of ECOWAS: Security considerations after the formation of AES.


Session Leader:  Hon. Aliyu Ibrahim Gebi - Special Adviser on Non Kinetic Ops to the Chief of Defence Staff AFN


In this Agora session, Hon. Gebi will lead an interactive discussion around the current state of affairs and the National Security landscape within the West Africa region.

1.   ECOWAS of Peoples not an ECOWAS of Nations.
2.   Reinventing ECOWAS to be fit for purpose to suit the yearnings and aspirations of the West African Sub Continent.
3.   Obsolete and antiquated Protocols.
4.   Enhancing Powers of the ECOWAS Parliament.
5.   A Borderless West Africa.
6.   Realigning Free Movement Protocols with National Security Strategies and Policies.
7.   Re-examining the Herders/Farmers conflict.
8.   The Fulani issue: The need to re-orient the Fulani and integrate them into the mordern Nation States of West Africa
9.   Regional Security.
10. Symbiotic Insurgencies.
11.  Symbiotic Organized Criminal Organizations.

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