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"Connecting the Dots"

The MITE AGORA WECA on Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Trade and Exports for West and Central Africa aims to address the challenges and opportunities in these critical sectors across the region.


It will bring together policymakers, industry experts, academics, and stakeholders to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and develop strategies for sustainable economic growth, job creation, and regional integration.




- Explore the current state of manufacturing, trade, infrastructure, and exports in West and Central Africa.

- Identify the key challenges and opportunities in these sectors and propose effective solutions.

- Promote regional collaboration and cooperation to enhance trade and economic integration.

- Share best practices, innovative approaches, and success stories from the region and beyond.

- Facilitate networking and partnerships among participants to foster economic growth.

- Provide a platform for policymakers to discuss policy frameworks and reforms to promote manufacturing, trade, infrastructure, and exports.


- Encourage investment in the region's manufacturing sector and support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

- Highlight the importance of sustainable practices, technology adoption, and digitalization in the manufacturing, trade, and infrastructure sectors

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