What we do?

Agora Nexus understands that a one size fits all approach isolates many in the market and feel there is a need for tailor made solutions to individual requirements

With marketing and business development budgets being scrutinised more than ever we understand the importance of managing expectations around ROI and not trying to achieve the unachievable from an event or service.

B2B Gatherings (Agora's)

Best practice for the Industry

We believe that industry leaders are not commodities for an event organiser’s commercial gain. Events should be about bringing peers together to improve industries, which is why our closed door events are designed for end user senior decision makers.

Therefore, we only approach solution and technology providers who have the desired knowledge, experience and reputation to meet documented requirement criteria.

Through our careful selection process, we only partner with vendors that are either recommended or at least 50% of the end users have an interest in or would like to learn more about. Put simply, we get rid of the 'cattle market' envioronment and focus on outcomes and assisting business objectives.


Project Identification & Introduction

Rely on our network with stakeholders

We appreciate that every individual and company like to develop their business in a unique way. Many have told us that they would benefit from our relationships away from an event median. Therefore we felt we should have an alternative option.

We pride ourselves on creating aligned networking opportunities - the process we follow is simple yet, effective in deriving the correct intelligence to create for justified engagement.


Service Provider A has a successful example of delivering their solution which was aligned with End User B's business objectives.  From this example of a partnership, we will enable the learnings from both sides to others who are about to embark on the same/ similar journey as End User B making for a purposeful insight into the strategies and not just broad subject matter talk or presentations. 

This format will help provide service providers with insight and understanding into an aligned community and from this, will enable them the opportunity to better position themselves in certain projects and regions when it comes to potentially partnering on live and existing projects.


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