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Virtual Agora
PHYS-SEC AGORA - Bayo Update - 7th July.jpg

Phys-Sec Agora Nigeria - Virtual Agora

Friday 7th July 2023  12.00 - 13.00 (WAT)  

Platform: MS Teams (Unrecorded / Under Chatham House Rule) 

Attendance qualifies towards CPE Credits

“Building a robust crisis management plan”


Building a robust crisis management plan is crucial for organizations to effectively respond to and mitigate any potential crises or emergencies. The session will review some of the steps you can take to develop a comprehensive crisis management plan


1. Identify potential crises

2 Establish a crisis management team

3. Define roles and responsibilities

4. Develop response protocols

5. Establish communication procedures

6. Conduct training and drills

7. Review and update the plan


During the session we will explore how crisis management plans should be dynamic documents that evolve with your organization and the changing risk landscape.

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