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Virtual Agora
May 26th - Virtual Agora.png

Phys-Sec Agora Nigeria - Virtual Agora

Friday 26th May 2023  12.00 - 13.30 (WAT)  

Platform: MS Teams (Unrecorded / Under Chatham House Rule) 

"Scientific approach to physical security management"


The application of scientific principles  helps in understanding, analyzing, and mitigating security risks to physical assets, infrastructure, and individuals.

Some ways science is and can be used in physical security include:

  1. Risk assessment:

  2. Surveillance systems:

  3. Access control:

  4. Alarm systems:

  5. Physical barriers

  6. Forensics and evidence analysis

  7. Security training and simulation

During the closed door session we will debate the scientific approach in our modus operandi and explore the question of :

“Are we using a science driven security approach to risk management?”

“Is there more we can be doing?”

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