Virtual Agora

MarSec Agora GoG 

Tuesday 9th November 2021  14.00 - 15.45 (GMT +1)  / 09.00 - 10.45 (EST)

Platform: MS Teams (Unrecorded / Under Chatham House Rule) 

“Are the Gulf of Guinea Pirates Gone or Are They Just on Vacation?”

In 2020, 95% of all seafarers abducted at sea were taken in the Gulf of Guinea — Piracy was reaching a crisis point. A variety of measures have been taken, but the reduction in the frequency of piracy incidents - to almost none - has made for a stark year on year comparison in 2021.  This session will examine what has changed, what has not changed, and whether the piracy phenomenon in the Gulf of Guinea is really gone.  One Ivorian commentator at a naval exercise recently remarked “it seems like the pirates have gone on vacation,” so the question remains: what factors would lead to a resurgence in hostility toward maritime commerce in the region?  As the saying goes, “No shipping, No Shopping,” and the Gulf of Guinea cannot afford to have the plague of piracy return to 2020 levels.  


A panel of experts from different related vantage points will share there thoughts on where things are and where they may be headed.  From insurance to oil and gas to shipping to regional navies and beyond, the speakers are as informed as any could be and will have the chance to discuss and debate with each other, as well as to take questions from the audience.

Esteemed Panellists:

  • RADM Boniface Konan, Acting Director – CRESMAO

  • Sarah Thompson, Global Maritime Security Advisor – Chevron

  • CAPT. Loic Loïc Moudouma, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff – Gabon Navy

  • Bud Darr, Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs – MSC Group

  • Simon Cassey, SVP – Chesterfield Insurance

  • TBC


  • Dr. Ian Ralby, CEO – I.R Consilium (MODERATOR)

This collaboration between Agora Nexus and I.R. Consilium combines the convening power of a specialist community and event manager with extensive experience in the region, and an advisory body with subject matter expertise in maritime law and security in the Gulf of Guinea.  


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