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Power-Ops Security Agora Abuja

Abuja, Nigeria - (TBD due to Covid-19)

Powergen and access to reliable electricity whether conventional or green is a huge challenge for Nigeria as West Africas biggest region.

With a rapidly growing population, power & energy as a critical resource is subject to malicious attack, vandalism, and theft abstraction.

The Power-Ops security Agora Abuja will bring together high-level security professionals as well as other senior stakeholders from the Power & Energy sector to discuss the ever evolving security challenges protecting assets alongside sharing best practice to have a unified effort to combat crime.


Discussion areas are built by the community for the community

Who will Attend

  • CXO's

  • CSO's

  • Heads of Security

  • Security Directors

  • Security Managers


Power: National Power Companies, IPPs, Transmission and Distribution companies, Offgrid power companies, Regulators. Powergen equipment manufacturers, Logistic companies

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