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Virtual Agora

PHYS-SEC AGORA Nigeria - Virtual Agora

Wednesday 3rd April 2024  12.00 - 13.00 (WAT)  

Platform: MS Teams (Unrecorded / Under Chatham House Rule) 

Attendance qualifies towards CPE Credits

“Reducing Incident Impact – from incident identification to rapid response and resolution.”


Session Leader:  Ondrej Dana =, Business Development Manager  - GINA


In this Agora session, we will explore the value of utilizing technology for incident identification and implementing it for incident response.

We will discuss multiple use cases and examples of employing various technologies for monitoring and generating incident alerts. Our focus will be on designing a comprehensive approach and system for managing these incidents with the goal of minimizing their impact through timely responses.

Additionally, we will delve into best practices for incident response administration and evaluation.

To conclude the session, we will summarize the benefits of incorporating technology into the incident response process and highlight its significance in upholding high duty of care standards.

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