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PCTS endorses Energy-Ops Security Agora Lagos

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Agora Nexus is delighted to have secured the endorsement of the The Petroleum Contractors Trade Section (PCTS) of the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce through an MOU agreement.


The endorsement supports the Energy-Ops Security Agora Lagos, an initiative that brings together security heads and other key actors across Oil and Energy supply chains to address collectively the security challenges that burden the Energy industry through costs, disruption, and political and social instability.







Tayo Akinkunmi, Chairman - PCTS   "As key industry stakeholders, the subject of security and the attendant challenges in our operational areas is of utmost importance to PCTS and its Member Companies. Agora Nexus provides a platform for us to collaborate with other industry stakeholders in a practical manner towards proffering and implementing solutions to these issues. We are very pleased to be in partnership with Agora Nexus and look forward to a successful relationship."








Phil Manny, Founder & Director - Agora Nexus comments “I am really pleased to announce the support and endorsement from PCTS. The Energy-Ops Security Agora's objective from day 1 was to bring leaders together to address and mitigate challenges that not only effect the industry but have a detrimental damage to the economy and country in its entirety. I whole heartedly look forward to a fruitful and prosperous relationship with PCTS as a leading industry body"

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