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Energy-Ops Security Agora Senegal (MSGBC)

Dakar, Senegal - TBD

Senegal and the wider MSGBC region has been in the limelight as the next big player within the Oil & Gas and Energy sector. Senegal in particular is one of Africa’s hottest energy markets on the back of big offshore discoveries, game-changing projects and one of the most attractive business markets in the region.

Whilst the region is moderately safe compared to other ECOWAS states, criminal activity is always imminent, especially in light of the cross border collaboration projects and large investment into the region.

The Energy-Ops security Agora Senegal will bring together high-level management and security professionals from the Oil & Energy sector to discuss the ever evolving challenges protecting assets, learning from experience of other states, sharing best practice in order to have the correct protocol in place.


Discussion is built around the learning requirements and thoughts of the attendees.

Who will Attend

  • CXO's

  • CSO's

  • Heads of Security

  • Security Directors

  • Security Managers

  • PFSOs


Oil & Gas: Operators, Rig Owners, Service Companies, OSV, FPSO, Logistic Companies, Pipeline Owners, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants

Power: National Power Companies, IPPs, Transmission and Distribution companies, Offgrid power companies

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